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This is the page where Jon is trying to help promote the people that have helped him promote his work.  You can find links to websites, music, books and information about the people that have written endorsements, introductions, and reviews etc. for Jon's work.  Please take a minute to check out their work as well.  You just may become a fan.

The book Reflections of Life was released in June 2013:

“Ask any writer, they’ll tell you: There’s nothing like reading something or hearing something written from someone who has been there. The genuine article from a place that the rest of us can only imagine being. Immersed in the passages of Reflections of Life, I found over and over again the evidence of a man that has run, walked, crawled and curled up in a ball in these places. Since I was very young child, I have often thought what a feeling it must be to be a soldier, to protect and serve these United States of America. The pride, the fears, the longing for home, the brotherhood with fellow soldiers, the devastation of war… all there in my thoughts. It’s all here in this book. It’s real.”
- Dustin Bogue; country singer (half of the duo Brasher/Bogue)

Link to his website

"[Jon's] words are inspiring heartfelt and loving. As an army wife, a lot of the poems hit home and gave me goose bumps, tears, and smiles."
- Brooke Brown; Army Wife

“These are beautiful, inspiring & truthful pieces of poetry. They are some of the best I’ve ever read!!”
- Ontario Re’Shard; funk and soul musician

Link to his music

"This is a very well put together piece. There is something in here for everyone, and one can tell that a lot of thought and passion went into this... I consider it an honor to have the privilege to put my loving stamp of recommendation on it, a beautiful piece of quality and verbal craftsmanship."
-Peter N. Peveto; author 'Is It Me Can You Tell'

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"This is a very well written compilation of poetry that will tear at your heart strings. Grab your tissues as you sit down and enjoy this author's work."
- Sheila Reem; member of the Patriot Guard Riders

Link to the Patriot Guard Riders website

The book Brightness from the Shadows was released in May 2015


When I was asked to write an introduction for this book, I was truly honored. Jon M. Nelson is, in my opinion, one of today’s greatest poets. He is a poet, or the U.S. Army Poet Laureate (which is the unofficial title he was given in the service by other writers), for our generation. To be completely honest, he is my favorite poet ever. Jon is incredibly humble, and I think that he is often surprised when he receives accolades and awards for his poetry. However he speaks the truth, and it is beautiful, and it is touching and it is raw and real. Jon got me back into poetry. His words to paper are like the brush to a canvas. He lays it all out for us to see. How can poetry use so few words, yet completely convey so much?

In this book, Brightness from the Shadow; A Poetry Collection for all Humanity, Jon takes our hand and leads us through all of humanity. With eyes wide open you see its love, beauty and life. We also see its hatred, scars and death. Jon tells stories and lifts spirits. He is a lover, a freedom fighter, a peace keeper, a kind gentle light that never goes out in the dark and always a soldier at heart. I hope you will let Jon guide you through the journey of humanity, where you will bask in the sunlight of his words, may his poetry touch your soul, like it has so many people.
- Liz Calhoun; Widow and mother of 2

(Liz and Jon went to high school together, and she is one of Jon's biggest fans and supporters. Jon personally asked her to write an introduction for the book because he knew how much she loves his work, and that she could really get people's attention with her thoughts.)

An article that Liz wrote about Jon and his work

“I liked it enough to read a poetry book. I normally don't read poems. That being said it was well written, thought provoking and inspiring.”
- Charles Haskins; Military Veteran, Reality TV Star, Actor, and film maker

“I have enjoyed reading award winning Jon M. Nelson’s work for many years. His poetry excels in expressing sincere feelings about love, life and war. I highly recommend his new book ‘Brightness from the Shadows’.”
- Maureen Brindle; Award Winning Poet of the 2nd Annual Global Officials of Dignity Awards 2014 at the United Nations.

Link to her website and poetry

“Jon M. Nelson is a truly gifted observer of life who graciously lends his voice to the world though his poetry. Not only does he provide a voice for the voiceless with captivating poems on bullying and heart-wrenching accounts of a soldier's sacrifice, but he motivates all of us to see past our fears and self-perceptions and find our very best selves. "Brightness From The Shadows: A Poetry Collection for all humanity" is a beautiful and moving celebration of life, love, loss and laughter that will inspire and entertain you from start to finish. I know it will touch your heart as it has touched mine.“
- Misty Loggins;  Award winning Country Music Artist and Songwriter

Link to her website and music

“Jon's poetry has always spoken to the heart of every Soldier. However with this collection I believe he went above and beyond to speak to the heart of every human being.”
- SFC Kristina Smith; author 'The Ultimate Deployment Guidebook'

Link to her book

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