Jon M. Nelson the writer



Born; Jonathan Michael Nelson on August 23rd, 1975 in the small town of Milaca, Minnesota.

After moving around to several places as a small child, Jon and his family settled in the town of Brainerd, Minnesota when he was about nine years old. He had a typical childhood until High School.  While attending Brainerd High School he was on the track team until his grades started slipping. He was a staff writer for the yearbook, The Brainonian, and Co-President of S.A.D.D. When he was about sixteen, he started working at a fast food restaurant in town, Hardee’s, and continued working there after he graduated in 1994.  In the summer of 1995 he got a new job as a ride operator, at a local amusement park, named after a Folk Lore Legend.  Jon worked at the Paul Bunyan Amusement Center for the remainder of the year, and left for Basic Training for the Army in February of 1996 at 20 years old.

He went to Basic Training, AIT (Advanced Individual Training) for Infantry, and Airborne School at Fort Benning, Georgia. His first duty assignment was Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, where he served with the 25th Infantry Division until 1999. He decided to get out of the Army at that time, but was only out for about nine months.  He realized that civilian life was nothing like he expected it to be and went back into the Army.  This time He was stationed at Camp Greaves, South Korea as part of the 2nd Infantry Division. After a one year tour there he went to Fort Drum, New York and served in the 10th Mountain Division.  This was where the majority of his adventure took place. During his time at Ft. Drum, he went on a peacekeeping mission to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. During that six month mission, 9-11 happened and he knew he’d eventually go to war.  Around September of 2003, his unit deployed to Afghanistan.  They completed many missions during a nine month deployment in the war zone, before heading back to the states.  Jon did not re-deploy with his unit. He was med-evaced back early after an Emergency Appendectomy.  A few months after Jon returned to The United States and recovered from his surgery he was assigned as An Army Recruiter, where he served in Stevens Point, Wisconsin from 2004-2008. Before Jon could be assigned to another Army Instillation, he had to sit before a medical board as a result of severe hearing loss.  He was informed that he could no longer be in the Infantry and had to go to another AIT to become a Human Resources Specialist. He was then stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where he worked at the 95th AG Reception Battalion to in process new recruits before they went to Basic Training there at Fort Sill. He worked there until 2012.  For reasons he would rather not discuss, Jon had to change his job again, and his only option this time was to be an Army Food Service Specialist (cook).  After attending AIT once again, he was assigned to Fort Campbell, Kentucky where he is still currently serving. He is a Sergeant First Class in the 101st Sustainment Brigade Dining Facility.

Jon's most recent major accomplishment with the Army, is that he was deployed over to Senegal, Africa as part of 'Operation United Assistance', which was the mission to fight against the Ebola Outbreak.  November 2014- February 2015.


Jon’s family is kind of complicated but he considers himself blessed because of it.  He never knew his biological father growing up. He is the middle child of three boys. Until they moved to Brainerd, it was his mom, Linda, and two half-brothers, Jamie the oldest of the three, and Jeremy, the youngest, who has a different last name than Jon and Jamie.  A few years or so after they moved to Brainerd, his mom met Jon’s Step Dad, Fred Parker.  After Fred and Linda were married, Jon had three new siblings. Fred’s children; Gary, Tammy, and Jon were now part of the family with Jon’s other brothers.  There are two Jon’s in the family but that didn’t seem to matter to anyone. It was just one big happy family, although Gary and Tammy were already old enough to be living on their own by this point.




In addition to his military career and his life in general, many of Jon’s poems were inspired by several of the women in his life. He dated several times and he was even engaged twice in his early twenties.  Although nothing really panned out, he is still friends with a majority of them.  Jon was married when he was 26 in 2002 to Suzanne Garrow.  They were married for several years before deciding to divorce on mutual terms.  They both realized that they weren’t compatible and were heading in different directions in life.  Jon remarried on November 11th 2011 (11-11-11) to Amanda Tribbey, and they are still very happily married and they share their life with Amanda’s daughter, Bailey.



Jon finds inspiration for his poems from pretty much everywhere.  Whether it may be hearing a song on a radio or just sitting and talking to his wife, he always had thoughts manifesting in his mind. There have even been times when he was driving, and he pulled the car over to write down his thoughts before he forgot them.  A lot of his work is based on his real life experiences; however his military and patriotic poems only make up about 25% of his repertoire. Because of his patriotism and writing about the military it has earned him the nickname of ‘Soldier Poet’.   Even though his military poems are what he’s most known for, he tries to share his thoughts about humanity and life in general to the world.  He will never write a poem that is degrading or puts down another person or group of people. He actually hopes that his work can in some way, unite people together and help bring mankind closer together.

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