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Jon M. Nelson is a contributor or sole author of the reading materials listed below.

The Longest War


Stories from the Battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, told by those who lived it. Every war has a voice. Everyone in a war has a story. These are their voices, these are their stories. This book is a collection of 45 stories told by the men and women who have lived through the war. Some are soldiers, some are civilians. All have been affected in one way or another, for better or worse. These tales will bring you to the front line in Americas' longest war. Each is written by the person who lived it, with little editing. Their stories, their voices. 40 different persons contributed to this book. Some are soldiers, ranging from Privates to Sergeants to Officers. Some are civilians who have been caught up in the war. The editor, Sergeant First Class John Holmes, is himself a 20 year soldier and an Iraq War Veteran.

"25% of all proceeds from sale of The Longest War will be donated to Wounded Warrior Project."

(One of Jon M. Nelson's short stories was published in this book.)

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Changing Moods


A collection of poetry written on many different subjects. This poetry was written from the perspective of a soldier. The reason it is called 'Changing Moods' is because it takes you through an emotional roller coaster. The poems in this book range from Patriotic to Spritual, Romantic to Heartbreak, and many emotions in between. Some of the poems in this book are based on his real life experiences, but they were all written from his heart.

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Reflections Of Life


A poetic look at life through a soldier's eyes.

There's more to a soldier than serving and defending his or her country. There is real emotion and humanity inside the hearts of each and every one. In Reflections of Life you can feel the emotional look at humanity from a soldier's perspective. Author Jon M. Nelson expresses his experiences and raw emotion of his military career as well as an outlook on life in general. There are so many problems and issues that this world faces today, and he addresses many of them in his own poetic style.

(Author's Note:  There are more than just poems about the military in this book.  There is something in here for everyone. Everybody can relate to atleast one or more of the poems in this book in some way, no matter what their story or situation is.)

Reflections of Life has received a couple of book awards, to include:

Readers' Favorite Book Award (Gold) General Poetry 2014
Mom's Choice Award, (Gold) Adult Books: Poetry 2014
Feathered Quill Book Awards, Silver (2nd Place), Short Story & Poetry Catagory 2014

"25% of all proceeds of Reflections Of Life will be donated to Wounded Warrior Project."

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World Healing World Peace ( A Poetry Anthology 2014)

The objective with this effort is to fund the Production, Printing, Distribution and Shipping of the Poetry Anthology World Healing, World
Peace 2014. Our vision is to be able to get 2 copies of this Anthology into every Member Country of the United Nations (approx. 193 - 200)
and 1 copy into the hands of members of Congress. We believe it is integrally important that they become aware of how the Poets feel
about Peace and Healing Globally.

Submissions by Poets include their Picture, a 50 or less Word Bio, Links where they may be connected with and their Poetic Offering.

The Ultimate objective is to effectuate change.

for more information contact us at :

(Jon M. Nelson's Poem: 'Pay It Forward' is found in this anthology.)

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Military Writers Society of America (MWSA), which Jon is a member of, presents the 2014 collection of essays, short stories, and poetry, "All Gave Some." Written by members of MWSA as an example of the professionalism and creativity of the membership, the annual anthology contains fiction and nonfiction treatment of military themes. MWSA writers range from well-known historians and novelists to first-time authors. Their interests include children's literature, mystery, biography, poetry, and memoir. The 2014 edition is a tribute to those whose expertise, dedication, and knowledge make the military efficient and effective.

(Jon M. Nelson's Poems: 'Love Draws Us Near', 'A Soldier's Prayer', 'Walk A Mile', and 'After Shock' are featured in this anthology)

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Brightness from the Shadows


"We're all unique in our own way,
But we're all human at the end of the day.
Too many people seem to lose sight,
That's why there's always a conflict or fight."

This is just one of the many passages in this book that tries to bring home the point that we are all part of the human race.  Think of all of the problems that the world faces today, and imagine if someone wrote poems to address these issues and tried to make a difference with them.  Brightness from the Shadows is a collection of poetry attempting to do just that.  There is something within these pages that anyone and everyone can relate to in some way.  The goal of this book is to inspire mankind to be something better.

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Military Writers Society of America (MWSA), which Jon is a member of, presents the 2015 edition "HOPE AND COURAGE".  Each year the MWSA publishes a collection of works submitted by the membership, including essays, poetry, articles, short fiction, drawings and photos. This year the theme is Courage and Hope.

(Jon M. Nelson's Poems; 'Children Have Tomorrow', 'I Stand Ready', 'Climbing', and 'Leave Your Mark' are featured in this anthology.)

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